1. 10. 2018

Kde sú moje body?

Mnohí užívatelia, editori postrádajú body, ktoré sa im nepripisovali ako by mali.
Nižšie nájdete oficiálnu odpoveď z WAZE:

Hi everyone,
We want to apologize for the delay in fixing the points issue, and share some information about the problem.
We understand the frustration for senior editors who don't get the points they deserve, as well as for new editors that are not gaining new levels although they (should) have enough points.
The cause of the issue, is that during the past year we have been migrating our services to a new system that holds the user information.
The points process didn't complete the shift yet.
At some point we were forced to move to the new system after the old one couldn't hold the load any more, and since we are working on connecting the points process with the new users system.
We are actively working on fixing the issue, which is high priority for us.
We will share more as we progress.
Thanks for your patience!

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